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June 12th, 2018 Comments off

Hello All. We have moved the site and all posts to our new site. Come Visit our new site at Cheers

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Living with Pirates

October 29th, 2015 Comments off

So we all know in this digital age it is easier and easier to share content. For some reason some people, The Pirates, like to share full videos and photos with the world without any consideration for the hard work and money that went into making a great spanking scene. At we do our best to not approve and delete all pirated content that we know is illegally shared. We have had only a few take down notices and over the past 6+ years have deleted thousands of videos that did not make it on to the site because we knew or suspected they were illegally shared without permission from the content producer.

So besides running a tube site we also run our own spanking membership sites. Just like everyone else in the membership or clip sale business we have to fight to have our content taken down from hundreds or even thousands of sites that share our content illegally. The time it would take us to scour the internet, find all of our illegally shared content, and send out all of the DMCA notices would drain us financially. It just can’t be done. That is were a company called DMCA 512 has stepped up and taken on this job for us. It has been a godsend. They have worked tirelessly to reduce the amount of our illegally shared content on the internet and have taken down many websites that ignore their DMCA take down requests. I know many of you already use DMCA 512 but I wanted everyone to know the great job they do for us and if you need someone to handle your DMCA request DMCA 512 would be a great choice.

If you are in need of DMCA services you can reach them at – Make sure to mention the code “STUBE” when contacting them. – Marcus


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Good Spanking now in HD

August 25th, 2015 Comments off has been one of my favorite spanking websites to visit over the years. Watching Chelsea spank hot girls with her hard style of discipline has been great. There are no pitty patty hand spankings on GoodSpanking, it is nice hard proper spankings. Chelsea is one of the best spanking doms currently on the scene and watching her get a bottom nice and red is a pleasure. So I am even more excited that GoodSpankings is now shot in Full 1920×1080 HD. The videos are crystal clear. So if you have not been to in a while make sure to check it out.

Here is one of their latest previews on SpankingTube.

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Shadow Lane – Great Site and Great Vids

July 6th, 2015 Comments off

Shadow Lane has been making bottoms red for a long time. They make great videos and host a great party. If you have never been to one of their parties in Vegas you are missing out. Make sure you check out their website, their new design is easy to navigate and they update almost everyday with new spanking videos and photos. Below is an example of spanking scene from Shadow Lane. I hope you enjoy, we will be bringing many more trailers in the future.

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Alyssa: Paddled at School, then Paddled at Home

April 3rd, 2015 Comments off

I wanted to share one of the best spanking scenes I have seen in awhile. There is nothing better then a girl that is brought to real tears by a hard paddling. In the video, Alyssa: Paddled at School, then Paddled at Home, from Alyssa is scolded and then paddled by Mr. M and afterwards breaks down in tears. I am sure the paddling hurt but I hope Alyssa was thinking of a time where he got away with something an never got caught and is only now being punished for it. See the Clip below. Enjoy

TITLE: Alyssa: Paddled at School, then Paddled at Home

DESCRIPTION: After receiving a phone call at home about Alyssa being paddled at school, Michael follows through with his policy of whatever she gets at school, she gets double at home. ***NOTE*** Alyssa really cried her eyes out during this scene, which was a bit unusual for her. When discussing it afterward, she confessed that this scene really felt like what she experienced growing up and fully took her back to that place. This scene shows very real corporal punishment as it takes place in the home and there is no denying the emotions involved.

Visit for more great videos.

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A Spanking Wish Come True

February 3rd, 2015 Comments off

If you have the gift of gab in the form of writing awesome spanking stories, Dana Kane, is having her annual Spanking Story Content. Below is some basic information and for more details head over to Dana Kane’s Blog.

“That’s right,

It’s contest time again. And this time, instead of giving away one single prize, I’m gonna give away a whole bunch.

We’re going to play a new game with the spanking story contest…



* EVERY  PUBLISHED ENTRY*  will win a prize!

And YOU get to decide who wins!

After all the entries are published, I’ll give you readers the chance to vote on your favorites.

The three entries with the most votes will all receive a

free membership to for one month.

Every other published entry will receive

one video download of their choice from my current library.


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True to your Discipline

January 15th, 2015 Comments off

Hello all. From time to time we like to feature one of members that make Spanking Tube so great. Today we are featuring True Discipline. True Discipline has uploaded some great videos which we all have loved to watch. I reached out to True Discipline to get some more information about his spanking videos and process. Here it is.

“Like most spankos, I have had an interest in spanking damn near since childhood. Being so young, I didn’t understand anything about it or knew that this whole world existed. All I knew is, when I was old enough to have a girlfriend and she did something wrong, I was going to spank her. But, back then, it just seemed like some twisted thought in my head that would probably never happen. I kept this “secret” deep down inside me for a lot of years and never told anyone. I remember, in my teenage years, when I would go places with my friends or cousins and we would check out girls. All of them would talk about how fine a girl was and how they would much they would like to fuck a girl. My thought process was much different when I would see someone that attracted me. I would think of what it would be like to put her over my knee. Little did I know, back then, how much of a reality all this would become.

As soon as I turned of legal age, I dove right in. I did a lot of research and began searching to see if there were like minded people out there. I would find discussion forums and chat rooms every so often. Through those resources, I began to meet people and eventually started doing sessions. I have always recorded my sessions from day one. I did this as to be able to review them later so I could critique my own style and find areas for improvement. When the internet got big, I began to find sites where I could post my sessions in video form. That is when things started to change for me. I was able to meet a larger group of people and make new friends as well as meet potential spankees.

March of 2015 will mark my 18th year in this lifestyle. I am approached to do sessions for many different reasons. The majority of the women that I session with and have sessioned with have come to me for discipline and punishment purposes. My discipline style is what I am most known for. Other reasons are stress relief, emotional release, “funishments”,introduction and just because to name a few.I don’t have any set parameters concerning people that I will perform sessions with. When I am first contacted, I like to get to know a person. I believe that builds a certain comfort level and begins to build trust. When both parties are comfortable I will then set a date to meet. As long as I know that a person is safe and sane and of LEGAL AGE, I will most likely interact with them. Some of my friends call me the “equal opportunity” spanker. I have sessioned with a large number of women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities. I feel that anyone should be able to have the opportunity to experience this if they want to.”

Here is a link to True Discipline’s Spanking Tube Account. Also we have included some of his great videos below. – Marcus

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Ban Spanking in the UK, Your Crazy!!!

December 7th, 2014 Comments off

So it appears there is a new law that was passed in the UK banning Spanking Porn produced and shown in the UK. Spanking porn along with a host of other fetishes are now banned. You can read more about it here, Telegraph Article.

If you are outrage as I am make sure your voice is heard. Below is a few petitions. Make sure to sign up and help get the law changed.

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Spanking Plus

September 12th, 2014 Comments off

There is a new Spanking website in town that combines 3D effects and live models. You can check it out at

A note from the owner, “About

I got bored watching so many spanking clips with little or no action.
so I created which is quite a bit different to most spanking sites.

I use real models and Chroma key to remove the background, then add the models to
computer generated scenes and characters, to create fairly realistic spanking environments
Absolutely nothing is real, it’s all virtual reality.

I also get the models to over react, to the spanking/caning,
most of the time they jump up and dance about, not just stuck in one pose with hardly any reaction.
with a little bit of makeup , lines drawn on their bottoms, a few fake tears the clips seem fairly real.

I hope your members enjoy the samples of this unique approach and visit
which has over 250 clips in the members area, and thousands of images, growing all the time
so that I can continue to produce these different spanking scenarios.”

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Featured Website:

April 30th, 2014 Comments off

Every once and awhile we like to feature a spanking website to say thank you for all that you do. Without all the hard work by each and every spanking producer we would not have all the great videos to watch and enjoy. I reached out to Dana, one of the best spankers in the industry, and asked her to submit a small paragraph about her website She also provide a few exclusive pictures along with a free trailer.

Quote: now contains over 200+ spanking scenes: F/M, F/F, and virtual POV-style scenes. Featuring many of my real life friends, partners, and playmates, every single scene is made with love for spanking, with discipline, punishment, and sometimes lots of laughs. You’ll also find well-known and up-and-coming spanking performers, as well as a few you’ve never seen before – but will be seeing LOTS more of – and, as always, lots of Dana Kane, spanking, scolding, and laughing gleefully at her playmate’s discomfort. – Dana Kane

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